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The Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project seeks to further reproductive justice by providing practical and financial support for abortion services in Virginia and surrounding communities. RRFP strives to be a resource to the community by engaging in grassroots advocacy for the full spectrum of reproductive rights.

The Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project supports access to a range of reproductive choices. Clients’ decisions when or whether to become parents are equally supported. RRFP’s mission lends specific focus to assisting people facing financial barriers to abortion services.

RRFP began in 2004 when volunteers at Clinic Defense (where volunteers act as patient escorts to guide them past protestors to get to their appointments) received a $20 donation from a grateful passerby. “He wanted to buy us lunch, but he ended up starting an organization!” says Lindsey from RRFP. “We saw patients leaving the clinic because they couldn’t afford abortion services, and we decided that his $20 should be used to help them.”

RRFP joined the National Network of Abortion funds in 2004. “We provided assistance for our first abortion almost entirely with pennies that we collected from our houses! Now we’re helping more people every year”
For services or information contact us at or by mail at RRFP P.O. Box 7389, Richmond, Va. 23221

Call us at 1-888-847-1593.