Richmond Doula Project

Richmond Doula Project (RDP)
A new partnership with the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project (RRFP)

Contact or (804) 464-7003 to get connected to a full spectrum doula, for more information, or to get involved.

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Richmond Doula Project provides free emotional, spiritual, and physical support and education to all pregnant people, no matter the outcome of the pregnancy. This project works with communities that are most vulnerable to negative outcomes and experiences within the current healthcare system. We will be accessible to non-english speakers, immigrant communities, LGBTQ+ folks, low income, and incarcerated people and those struggling with mental health and addiction.


Richmond Doula Project strives to create a culture in which pregnant people feel empowered and supported during pregnancy and birth, an experience that has become a political battleground for many marginalized people. Within the Reproductive Justice framework, this project advocates for the safety, validation and autonomy of all people during the experiences of abortion, adoption, birth, fetal anomaly, miscarriage, pregnancy, or stillbirth. We will fight to never recreate systems of oppression in our organization by constantly centering the voices of the community that we serve and adjusting our vision to the needs expressed by them. We will continue to learn, evolve, and grow.

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