Basic Fundraising Tips

Here are some basic fundraising tips for all out BAT fundraisers! Please don't hesitate to email [email protected] for any other burning questions you may have. Best of luck to all of you!



Personal asks are the most effective way to fundraise! Events are fun, but personal asks have a 50% success rate for fundraising. Don't be afraid of asking people to support causes you believe in!

How many times should I ask people for a donation? Three. Reach out to people three times. If they don’t respond to you after the third try, it’s best to let it go.

How do I approach people if I’m not sure they support they RRFP? You can approach people in a variety of ways. The majority of people support the heart of the RRFP. Talk about why you support the center. The key is to look for a conversation opportunity. Adjust activist language as needed.


  1. Whenever you can and however you can, ask people to support you: Let everyone know you are bowling for abortion access. When they ask why, the conversation door has been opened. Take this opportunity to tell them why you support the RRFP.
  2. Corporate Matching: Take advantage of corporate matching gifts programs. Many of your donors may work for companies that have a program like this — their donation could double simply by filling out a form from their Human Resources department and following the steps to submit a matching gift.
  3. Spare Change: Ask your favorite restaurant or local pub to put out a jar for donations of spare change. Decorate it with pictures of your bowling team. Put them someplace obvious to get people’s attention. Or ask your family and friends to put aside their spare change every week. You’ll be surprised how quickly it adds up!
  4. In Lieu of Gifts: In lieu of birthday, house-warming, wedding, or retirement gifts, ask your friends and family to make a donation to the RRFP’s Bowl-a-Thon.
  5. Ask People You Might Not Think to Ask: Take a chance and ask your doctor(s), dentist, veterinarian, chiropractor, therapist, yoga instructor, insurance agent, lawyer, mechanic dry cleaner, or hair stylist for a donation.
  6. “Sit” for Donations: Baby-sit, pet-sit, house-sit. Offer services to the neighbors to get them involved.
  7. Dog walking for donations: Send out a flyer to your neighborhood offering your services to dog walk or dog sit while the owners are out of town.
  8. Personal vending machine at work: Have you ever wondered how much money the vending machine at work clears in a single week? Find out! Purchase some of the office favorites in bulk (or have them donated), mark them up, and sell them from your desk for $1 or $2. If you have a way to keep them cold, do the same with bottled water and sodas.
  9. Signing Your E-mail or Changing Your voicemail: Get in the habit of signing your e-mail with your name followed by the link to your personal fundraising page. You can also change your voicemail and answering machine message to let people know you’re bowling for abortion access.

Be creative and have fun!  Above all make sure that you send a personal email to all your contacts. Time and time again this has proven to be the most effective method of fundraising for similar events.


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