Do you want to make money for RRFP, so we can fund more abortions and full-spectrum doulas??
We love you already!

Annually from February to April, RRFP participates in the National Network of Abortion Fund's Bowl-a-thon, a statewide fundraising season that ends in an awesome celebratory and prize-filled, game playing, dancing party. Join as an individual or make a team of friends -- we'll provide all the support and training you need to do some high velocity fundraising!

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Missed this year's Kick-off Party & Fundraising 101? View the live stream here!

Not sure about Bowl-A-Thon? Email bat (at) with any questions and comments. 

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Why is it called Bowl-A-Thon (BAT)? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Nationally, this fundraising season is called Bowl-A-Thon and we’re no non-conformists. Just kidding. This was the next best idea after Abort-A-Thon. (Also JK!)

...OK but do I have to bowl? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Bowling is strictly optional. In the past, fundraising events (thrown by volunteers like you!) have taken the form of dance parties, craft fairs, roller skating, house shows, regular parties and more!

How do I get involved? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Start or join a fundraising team: 

Sign up for a fundraising training at

Basically, the BAT is an event where RRFP (and many many other abortion funds across the nation) ask people in our communities to spend time from February through April fundraising on our behalf. We ask that you gather a team of people you want to work with, take what you already love, and make it into a fundraiser to meet your fundraising goals! At the end, we gather for a big End of BAT party and celebrate the amazing work we’ve all completed: we dance, we play games, we eat, we give out prizes, and RRFP lives to see another day :)

Where does the money go? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
It all goes to RRFP, except for a small portion that’s shared with the National Network of Abortion Funds for credit card processing fees and helping us coordinate this national event. Almost all of RRFP’s annual budget comes from BAT!

Money goes to funding people’s abortions, logistics to support abortion access (travel, lodging, childcare), supporting other grassroots reproductive justice orgs like the Richmond Doula Project, and more!

What’s the goal? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
$50,000 is what RRFP needs to maintain our current abortion funding and full-spectrum doula budget. Anything over $50k goes towards funding paid positions to keep RRFP's work sustainable, which will allow us to support even more Virginians to get the healthcare they deserve.

We’re looking for 125 fundraisers to raise $400 each-- that’s just $37 a week until BAT season is over at the end of April!

How do we get the money to you? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Card donations can be made directly to your personal fundraising page, after you register.

We also accept cash and check donations! Email to arrange a pick-up.

Plus, check out RVA MAG's coverage of the 2015 event for more info:

If you can't fundraise, please come out to our annual End of Bowl-a-thon Celebration Party on TBA!
We've got some exciting changes for this year's party, with games, dancing, food and fun-sized bowling options-- all are welcome, with donations taken at the door. See the pictures from last year's end of BAT celebration party!

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