2015 Bowl-a-Thon Media Release

[Image description: The RRFP logo of the state of Virginia, with a heart over Richmond in yellow, with a ribbon that says RRFP across it next to a bowling ball and pins being knocked down. Text reads, "Strike down abortion access barriers! Our fundraising season is now until the end of Bowl-a-Thon Celebration Party April 22, 7-11 pm. Register at bit.ly/bat2015"]

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Contact: Jess Jude 804-876-2223 [email protected] | Ha Tran 804-293-0541 [email protected]
February 9th, 2015


Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project (RRFP) along with local volunteers and activists is kicking off their annual “Bowl-A-Thon,” a nationwide fundraising season coordinated by the National Network of Abortion Funds.

For the 7th year in a row RRFP is pulling together fundraising teams that are committed to raising money for abortion access. These teams are all-volunteer led and self-determine their own grassroots fundraisers from now until April 22nd to knock down barriers to abortion. Fundraisers have ranged from personal asks through email writing and , to concerts, parties, and even grits wrestling tournaments.

This year’s Bowl-A-Thon season will go from February 12th to April 22nd, starting with a kick-off party at Gallery 5 and culminating in a celebratory bowling event at Holiday Bowl.

When: Now until 7 pm, Wednesday, April 22nd
Where: Fundraisers are hosted all over the state of Virginia. Teams celebrate at Holiday Bowl, 11400 Jefferson Davis Highway, Richmond, VA 23237.

Joining the concerted efforts of abortion funds across the country, RRFP’s goal is to raise $50,000 that will go towards providing funds, practical support, and access to clients seeking abortions in Virginia, DMV area, and along the East Coast.

“I fundraise with the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project because we can make a real difference in people’s lives with only $100 at a time, and the Bowl-a-Thon fundraising season is where RRFP gets most of our budget. For over 11 years, RRFP has been filling a gap to make sure that folks who need access to their healthcare can get it, regardless of insurance and economic barriers. I know exactly where the money goes, and it’s right into the hands of people who need it most.” - RRFP Collective Member, Ha

The majority of Virginians express support for continued access to legal and safe abortions and other reproductive health tools such as birth control1. Unfortunately, many politicians in Virginia advocate for policies that restrict abortion access and make it increasingly difficult for people to access important and urgent reproductive health resources.

From restrictive legislation to “Crisis Pregnancy Centers2,” people in Virginia looking to make the choice that works best for them are met with barriers amplified by conditions of sexism, racism, classism, and other injustices that make reproductive health and justice nearly impossible.  

RRFP recognizes that one way to face these barriers concretely is to provide abortion funding to low-income people who are unable to access abortions without significant support. RRFP has been volunteer-led and grassroots sustained since 2004 and is 1 of only 2 abortion funds in all of Virginia.

"The Bowl-a-thon and RRFP have been a way for me to feel plugged into local work that is advancing reproductive justice here in Richmond, and nationally. The work to me is an example of how we get one step forward to creating a world we want to live in … providing models of mutual aid outside the capitalist system to uplift each other to make choices that are right for ourselves, our families and our future." - RRFP Volunteer, Vanessa N.

The Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project (RRFP) seeks to further Reproductive Justice by providing practical and financial support for abortion services in Virginia and surrounding communities. RRFP strives to be a resource to the community by engaging in grassroots advocacy for the full spectrum of reproductive rights.

1 NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia http://www.naralva.org/in-our-state/
2 CPCs are anti-abortion facilities that use deceptive tactics to target vulnerable individuals seeking free or reduced-price reproductive health resources and dissuade them from the full range of reproductive options which includes abortion.


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