Event Planning

One way that many teams have added some padding to their team totals is by hosting events. Lindsey, the coordinator of Bowl-a-thons past has come up with a few tips that you might want to consider if you are planning an event.


Event Planning Tips

Be creative.

Fundraisers are a dime a dozen, a little imagination can go a long way. You want people to get so excited not only do they want to come but they bring a few friends with them.

Be realistic.

You don’t want to plan something that is going to take too much time from your team to plan, especially if you are hoping to raise a smaller amount. Ex: Don’t spend 20 hours and tons of resources planning an event that will only result in $150.
Make money. This is a fundraiser, y’all… people aren’t just paying for the experience, they are paying because they believe in what you are doing and they want to contribute to your team! Let them!

Collective Bargaining.

Make sure you are cutting a deal with venues, suppliers and people that will give you the biggest cut of money. Not only are you giving them a chance to support a great cause you are offering free advertising. Having a cocktail party? Ask the bar to give you a cut of the food served as well as the drinks. The worst they can say is "no".

Have a goal.

How much money do you really need to make? Plan your event around that goal. If you are planning a dinner and you need to raise $300, and you want to charge $20 per person, you need 15 people to come. Your job is to make sure at least 15 people will be there and paying. Don’t skip this tip!

Do not plan to raise your entire overall team goal at an event! I encourage you to have as many events as your pretty little team can handle! Events are great, and fun…. and a LOT of work! Make sure every member of your team has sent out our sample email/letter to their contacts and has followed up!

Even if you are able to raise your goal through a series of events it would be a shame to not have your team members solicit for funds from their contacts. It’s just too easy and too successful to not do! And remember, the goal is the starting point not the ending, we hope that many of you will go way over your goals. Which, historically is very likely!

Common mistakes in event planning:

  • Not charging enough (or charging too much)!
  • Waiting until last minute. Every year the last weekend before the Bowl-a-Thon is saturated with team fundraisers. Richmond is small, and there is overlap in the people who would normally come to your totally awesome fundraiser, so don’t make them have to choose based on the date! Check the calendar!

So, that’s the low down for event planning! We have already heard through the grapevine about quite a few upcoming events and are super excited to see the dough start rolling in, after all we’re trying to raise $50,000!!! If you are planning an event and want RRFP to promote it, email us ([email protected]) and we will put them on the calendar.

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