Grow with the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project

Happy season of growth from all of us here at the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project.


We are excited to share our love with you! Share our love? Yes, to us radical love means promoting Reproductive Justice in our community through funding abortion, providing practical support which means providing reparations for transportation, lodging, child care, and access to full spectrum doulas through the Richmond Doula Project.


We have been doing this work for 15 years and we are here by love— the love of our community and your support. As we look toward the future we are having serious conversations about what it means to sustain love and care in a community… How do we continue to show up for our clients and our community and love on them when they need it most? How do we continue to show up for ourselves and practice radical self-care at such a precarious time in the movement for Reproductive Justice?


What does radical love mean to you?  How do you sustain it?


To us radical love means continuing to take our intake calls, transport clients to appointments, provide full spectrum doula services with the Richmond Doula Project and of course providing clients with much needed financial support.


It also means that we will be stepping back from Bowl-A-Thon this year to spend less energy on asking you for money and more time growing within our community. We are demonstrating radical self love by asking you commit to a more sustainable fundraising model for RRFP and the community we serve by becoming a monthly sustainer.


Let's focus on building a future that is irresistible-- let us amplify the leadership of people of color and immigrants; let us decolonize fundraising and center queer, trans and gender non-conforming folks, those who are differently abled, or who do not speak English as their primary language. Let us do the work of love!


Even though we will not be hosting a Bowl-A-Thon fundraiser, there will still be plenty of opportunities to support the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project and have fun with us! Keep an eye out for creative fundraisers and other events that will be popping up throughout the year.


You can donate and sign up to be a regular monthly sustainer here:


We know we have your love and commitment, and we want to spread that love all year round. Thank you!


Radical Love and growth to you all,

The Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project

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