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Join the RRFP Team as a Monthly Funder!

RRFP is a grassroots, volunteer organization and relies on donations like yours to fund our callers!

If you are planning to or have already coordinated a fundraiser benefiting RRFP, please let us know here -- this helps us track donations and connect with folks hosting events!

Monthly funders provide important support to RRFP's administrative costs, which are essential to make sure we keep funding abortions! We can't check our voicemail, call clients, or send clinic bills without your generosity. Donate safely with Paypal through the link on the left (or below on mobile).

  • $10/month covers our monthly bill to MyFax so we can send payment pledges to clinics.

  • $25/month covers one intake cell phone, so callers can have confidential access to our intake counselors.

  • $50/month would cover all of our printing costs, PO Box subscription, and mailing costs so we can pay our clinic bills!

  • $100/month covers our storage space so that client records are kept safe and confidential.

  • $500/month would roughly cover how much we spend on caller practical and logistical support every month.

  • $1000/month covers the cost of our paid internship program, so we can support new leadership in our community.

  • $1800/month would provide funding TWO WEEKS of people who call our line.

  • $3600/month would DOUBLE OUR MONTHLY BUDGET for our callers!

  • No gift is too small or large!

Your gifts are what keeps RRFP running. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity!

RRFP is a registered 501(c)3, and all donations are tax-deductible. You will automatically be emailed a donation receipt for your records.

Who's donating: from Richmond, VA donated. Thank you!