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Happy season of growth from all of us here at the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project.


We are excited to share our love with you! Share our love? Yes, to us radical love means promoting Reproductive Justice in our community through funding abortion, providing practical support which means providing reparations for transportation, lodging, child care, and access to full spectrum doulas through the Richmond Doula Project.


We have been doing this work for 15 years and we are here by love— the love of our community and your support. As we look toward the future we are having serious conversations about what it means to sustain love and care in a community… How do we continue to show up for our clients and our community and love on them when they need it most? How do we continue to show up for ourselves and practice radical self-care at such a precarious time in the movement for Reproductive Justice?


What does radical love mean to you?  How do you sustain it?


To us radical love means continuing to take our intake calls, transport clients to appointments, provide full spectrum doula services with the Richmond Doula Project and of course providing clients with much needed financial support.


It also means that we will be stepping back from Bowl-A-Thon this year to spend less energy on asking you for money and more time growing within our community. We are demonstrating radical self love by asking you commit to a more sustainable fundraising model for RRFP and the community we serve by becoming a monthly sustainer.


Let's focus on building a future that is irresistible-- let us amplify the leadership of people of color and immigrants; let us decolonize fundraising and center queer, trans and gender non-conforming folks, those who are differently abled, or who do not speak English as their primary language. Let us do the work of love!


Even though we will not be hosting a Bowl-A-Thon fundraiser, there will still be plenty of opportunities to support the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project and have fun with us! Keep an eye out for creative fundraisers and other events that will be popping up throughout the year.


You can donate and sign up to be a regular monthly sustainer here:


We know we have your love and commitment, and we want to spread that love all year round. Thank you!


Radical Love and growth to you all,

The Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project


Meet *N* Greet with RRFP <3


RRFP is having a volunteer meet *n* greet this weekend, and we’d love to see you there!

This is a meet up for both existing volunteers and newbies as well! All are welcome! Come meet existing RRFP volunteers, and learn how to plug in and ~hang out~ 




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Despite Anti-Choice Cyber Attacks, Local Virginia Abortion Fund Perseveres

April 28, 2016


Contact: Ha Tran



Despite Anti-Choice Cyber Attacks, Local Virginia Abortion Fund Perseveres: 

Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project joins forces with national teams to fund abortions in Virginia.


(Richmond, Virginia) - On Saturday April 30, abortion access advocates will gather to raise money to help pay for abortion access in Virginia, in defiance of cyber attacks targeted at their annual fundraising efforts. The event will take place in Richmond on Saturday night as part of the National Abortion Access Bowl-a-Thon.


The Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project (RRFP), founded 12 years ago, helps those struggling to make ends meet and access abortions in Virginia by providing direct funding and logistical support, including arranging accommodation and transport to clinics.


The cyber attacks affected the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF) Bowl-A-Thon website, which RRFP uses annually to fundraise almost 100% of its annual budget. On April 14, NNAF representatives acknowledged that they were “working with cyber security experts and legal counsel because this is a cyber domestic terrorist attack by anti-choice activists.” As a precaution, NNAF took down its fundraising page, and RRFP created an alternative site ( to make sure that their vital fundraiser continued to support abortion access in Virginia.


Richmond community members are resilient in the face of such attacks, and are working around the clock in the last two days before the fundraiser so that RRFP can meet their fundraising goal to directly help pay for abortion care across the state.


“It’s wild to think that the folks responsible for this cyber attack identify as ‘pro-life,’ when we know that the maternity mortality rate in the US is dismal, especially for women of color. Attacks like these show the desperation anti-choice zealots have to spread their fear-mongering campaign for a safe, legal, and necessary health care procedure. We think it’s essential for the community to come together to fulfill this essential health care need in a fun and positive way,” says Ha Tran, a Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project volunteer collective member for three years.


This attack comes at a time where nearly 300 laws restricting abortion have been passed since 2010. In 2014 alone, lawmakers introduced 335 bills to restrict access to abortion, and 231 of those were passed -- affecting 26 different states.


To learn more about RRFP’s End of Bowl-A-Thon Bash, please visit and to support RRFP’s work, please visit



For more information or to schedule an interview, contact Ha Tran at (804) 293-0541 or

RRFP's 7th Annual End of Bowl-A-Thon Bash

We want to party with you, our wonderful RRFP Supporters !! 

Get ready you fantastic RRFP supporters for a party the likes of which you've never seen-- it's going to be a night of counting our totals and celebrating all of our hard work as our 2016 Bowl-A-Thon season comes to an end. We've already surpassed $31,000 despite cyber and legislative attacks to abortion access and it's not too late to support our continued work.


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Now Announcing RRFP's 2016 Bowl-A-Thon!

Did you know that in 2015, RRFP assisted 260 people who needed financial and practical support to access necessary healthcare? This year, Planned Parenthood’s state funding may get gutted, and there are currently 7 bills in the VA state legislature that may make access to abortion even more difficult. Now, more than ever, we need your support. We can’t keep our work afloat in the next year without you!

And so, we’re announcing that it’s that time again for RRFP’S 2016 ANNUAL BOWL-A-THON FUNDRAISING SEASON ! Registration is now open for grassroots fundraising teams, and we need your help!


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RRFP Volunteer Applications Now Open!

ANNOUNCEMENT: RRFP is looking for volunteers -- please spread far and wide!

The Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project is looking for two folks to fill special volunteer positions for our 2016 Bowlathon Fundraising Season: Volunteer Outreach Coordinator & Event Coordinator

And for 2016, RRFP is ALSO looking to recruit more folks for our Intake Counselor team!

RRFP will provide training for all qualified candidates, along with access to a phone and Internet if necessary. Although these are unpaid volunteer positions, RRFP strongly believes in supporting the growth and leadership of our volunteers and leveraging our resources to do so, which includes sending volunteers to relevant conferences and external training opportunities. We prioritize people of color, poor people, those who have personal experience with abortion services, survivors of violence, and LGBTQ+ people in our work.

Apply online by Monday Feb. 1 !! Please direct all questions regarding these volunteer positions to

Read on for details about each position!


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2015 Bowl-a-Thon Media Release

[Image description: The RRFP logo of the state of Virginia, with a heart over Richmond in yellow, with a ribbon that says RRFP across it next to a bowling ball and pins being knocked down. Text reads, "Strike down abortion access barriers! Our fundraising season is now until the end of Bowl-a-Thon Celebration Party April 22, 7-11 pm. Register at"]

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January 2015 Newsletter

Read on about RRFP highlights and upcoming events!

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RRFP Dec 2014 Newsletter

Now introducing RRFP's first newsletter-- see in full after the jump!

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RRFP Volunteer Intake Counselor Training

We're excited for our upcoming volunteer training! Register to attend by December 11 because we'll be emailing registrants with location information.

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