Setting Your Goal


We’re asking the lot of you to set your goals as high as possible. What we really want, though, is for this fundraiser to be fun for you. So…

  • If you’re new to the BAT, don’t sweat it! $500 might seem like a lot right now, but you’re going to be really surprised at how easy it is to reach that. And once you do, you can raise your goal.
  • We want you to feel confident! Set your goals realistically. Keep in mind who you’ll be asking for donations and how much they’d be able to give.
  • Try to get together with your team to set expectations for team and personal goals. It helps to know what page everyone else is on.
  • Don’t spread yourself thin! We want you to push yourself and work hard, of course, but it’s important to us that you take care of yourself and don’t make commitments that are too much to handle. We don’t want anyone getting burned out!
  • If you are an experienced bowler, consider setting your goal a bit higher. Think about the new people you may have met in the last year. Ask previous donors to donate $5 more than they did last time. If you have the time, try squeezing in one more team event.
  • Use your goal to raise your goal! Tell people when you’re getting close, like maybe you need 3 more folks to donate $10 to reach your goal, and when you reach it, raise it!
  • Diversify! Try using as many fundraising techniques as possible- social media, emails, handwritten letters, phone calls, a variety of team events, personal asks, and other tools are out there! Think about the people you want to ask and what they’d respond to the best.



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