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If you’re new to this, asking people for money for an organization can seem kind of daunting, so it always helps to have some basic talking points to back you up. You can start by telling people that…


The RRFP is a grassroots abortion fund with no big-money sponsors. All of our funding comes from small donations from fundraisers like you! No donation is too small.

From the success 2014’s Bowl-a-Thon we were able to increase our budget for abortion pledges another $500 a month-- from $2500 to $3000! We are now able to pledge larger amounts to more people who need financial support.

-BUT- We still have to turn away more folks than we can help.

WHY does RRFP always have to turn away folks every month?

  • Most first trimester abortions average at about $400 in VA. Not a HUGE amount of money to a lot of us, especially if you can get it covered by insurance or Medicaid, or set up a payment plan. But you can’t. Abortion is not covered in VA, unless there is a serious abnormality or life threatening complication. (And even this is on the chopping block.) $400 up front to a person struggling to pay bills or take care of a family may well be unobtainable. The cost after the first trimester seems to go up exponentially.
  • After 20 weeks you have to go out of state to DC, NC, or MD to obtain an abortion. So now we’re talking travel cost. Adding to travel cost in VA is the 24 hour ultrasound law. Most VA clinics have already been requiring patients to undergo ultrasounds and incorporating that in to the cost (adding about $100 to the total cost).
  • The real kicker is that now, instead of getting your ultrasound and abortion during the same visit, you must come back at least 24 hours after your ultrasound to be deemed responsible enough to get an abortion. So that’s two appointments. That’s two days taking off work. Two days of travel cost. Two days of finding someone to care for your children. After the first trimester, you’re also required to undergo (and pay for) IV sedation, which means that the clinic won’t see you unless you have someone to go with you and take you home. That adds travel costs and missed work to the person you have to find to go with you. The majority of counties in VA do not have abortion clinics, so much of this happens in state.

The good news is that no new abortion laws passed in this General Assembly and VA's Board of Health may review its abortion clinic restrictions!
The bad news is that Congress has ALREADY proposed five new restrictive abortion laws.

The TRAP laws are still in place that require local clinics to undergo costly, unnecessary reconstruction or close down all together. Two clinics have closed in VA since they've passed.

Now you can use this information to tell folks why it’s so important to reach our goal of $50,000. So many restrictions have been stacked against reproductive health in the last 3 years. The need for abortion funding assistance is growing now more than ever and the RRFP will continue fighting to fill that gap!

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