The Email Ask


The Email Ask

We can not stress enough the importance of sending out email asks! VA is known for having one of the most event- oriented Bowl-a-thons in the country, which makes mid- February through mid- April a very awesome time to support abortion access… But during last year’s Bowl-a-thon, Carolina Abortion Fund, who we were neck and neck with throughout, had very few events. Almost all of their donations came from email and social media asks. Imagine how much you can pull in for RRFP if you put some extra effort towards sending out those emails! We’ve got some tried and true methods that get the job done easy!

  • Read & Personalize the sample email we have sent out and posted on the blog.  Personalize it where needed (we make anything that needs to be personalized stand out, so don’t worry about missing something) and sign them, or write your own your way!
  • Send them out to your contacts. Everyone and anyone. Use a catchy subject line that will make your email stick out.
  • The best time to send out an email is on Tuesday or Wednesday during the 9-5 workday. Some say that Friday afternoon can be successful because people are so bored at work and are browsing the internet, but that can be risky because above all you want to AVOID WEEKENDS. Do not send out emails asking for people to do anything on a weekend.
  • Don’t send out a mass email to everyone you know. Take the time to send it out individually with each person’s name used in the opening. If it feels right include a personal greeting, making that personal step can make a big difference in someone following through on their donation.
  • If you don’t have a current email address (and let’s face it, a three year old email address that you haven’t used in a while might not be current) use their Facebook profile if you are friends (or, hey, even if you aren’t). A general rule of thumb is if you have a current email address, use that before Facebook. However, go with what you know, you might have people who you know are more likely to respond via Facebook.  

These are tried and true methods. There’s usually about an at least 50% donation response from sending out emails and personal facebook messages. I’ts easy and it works! So get on it!

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