Using Social Media


Using Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are already buzzing with RRFP Bowl-a-Thon Fundraising. Which has been incredibly successful for many bowlers (myself included!). It’s time for everyone to bring their “A game” to the social networking world, and I’ve got some tried and true tips that will help to get the money flowing.

  • Make it exciting. Short, sweet and sassy is the way I like to keep my social media updates. You want something that will call for attention, pull at their purse strings and be easy enough to follow through with right then and there. This is why it’s important to include a direct link to your registration site, with a short fact or interesting tidbit and a description of what you are doing.
  • Example: “Think that all people deserve the right to access abortion care? So does the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project! Help support their work and my bowling team by clicking here: (insert your link), it’s fast, easy and makes a huge impact!”
  • Be repetitive. Trust me, there is no way you could be the most annoying person on facebook, so don’t worry about posting too much. Daily is great, and WILL result in more money. You won’t offend people, after all social media by its very definition is meant to be somewhat repetitive and annoying.
  • Include a challenge. This is the best tip I could give you! People are way more likely to donate if they know that it’s going to make a personal difference for your donation goal. Get Creative!
  • Example:  *“I am $46 away from reaching my fundraising goal for the rrfp’s bowl-a-thon AND reaching 3rd place on the scoreboard. Who wants to help?!?
  • Thank people via Social Media. Everyday I put up a status update that includes a thank you for one person, and include a link on how other people can donate. It allows me to seem like I have a unique purpose in my update and people like to be spotlighted for their donations. It also serves as a reminder to everyone I sent personal emails to soliciting for donations. I have received at least 1-3 donations from every “thank you” update I’ve done.
  • Tell them how much you want them to give. We know that we don’t expect our friends to give us $200 donations for our bowling team, but they might not! Tell them how much money you are looking for, and make sure it’s something you think your group of friends can manage.
  • Example: “If 10 friends donate $10 to my bowling team for the RRFP I will be halfway to my goal! Pack your lunch tomorrow instead of eating out, just think about the amazing work the RRFP does! Will you be one of the ten? Click here: (insert link)”

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