Who we are

Our leadership is run on a collective model, made up of folks who are predominately queer and come from all walks of life! We have volunteers who are doulas, caretakers of children, people of color, artists, nurses, teachers, underemployed, dreamers, youth, gender nonconforming, playful, imaginative, love snacks and so much more.

RRFP is an all-volunteer organization, and the folks who spend their time with us are some real cuties! Meet them here :)

four rrfp volunteers looking very cute

Collective Members: Cherie, Autumn, Ha, & Nakita

Intake Coordinators: Cherie
Intake Counselors: Cherie, Laura, Caitlin, Callie, Mollie, Tara, Nakita, Hannah, Devin, Virginia & more !
Outreach Volunteers: Candice, Laura, Mollie, Devin
Office Co-managers: Autumn, Christie & Ha
Volunteer Coordinators: Ha


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