Who we are

RRFP is a volunteer-based organization, with a small rockstar team of part-time paid staff.

Our leadership is run on a collective model, made up of folks who are predominately queer and come from all walks of life! We have volunteers who are doulas, caretakers of children, people of color, artists, nurses, teachers, underemployed, dreamers, youth, gender nonconforming, playful, imaginative, love snacks and so much more.

group photo of rrfp volunteers and collective members behind the RRFP quilted banner

Collective Members: Cherie, Autumn, Ha, Safiya, Daire, Paige & Nakita

Intake Counselors: SafiyaCherie, Laura, Billie, Daire, Mollie, Jana, Sylvia, Hannah, Ashley & more!
Office Co-managers: Autumn & Christie

Meet our Staff:

illustration of safiya, a Black, americanized, Caribbean Goddess, just tryna thrive in the diaspora, tryna decolonize

Safiya | Caller Support Coordinator | Pronouns: she/they
Safiya is a Black, americanized, Caribbean Goddess, just tryna thrive in the diaspora, tryna decolonize. She is an artist, an activist, an aunt, a zine-author, a lactation counselor, a parent educator, nanny, an aspiring children’s book author and illustrator, and a single, childless homemaker. She is an full-spectrum doula who centers abortion, loss, and postpartum support, and most importantly, Racial Justice in her work. A sort of orphan herself, she considers herself a crucial part of the village(s) it takes to create families, raise families, and keep our communities autonomously thriving. She spends much of her time dreaming up ways an oppressive, individualistic, capitalist society can be nurturing for children and non-traditional family structures. Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project has been her organizing home since 2010 and has been Caller Support Coordinator for over a year. 
photo of ayé, a maker, shaker, parent, partner, birth and abortion doula, lactation counselor, and community organizer & a poor, black, and queer woman

Ayé | Community & Volunteer Engagement Accomplice | Pronouns: they/she

Ayé (pronounced "Eye-yay") is a maker, shaker, parent, partner, birth and abortion doula, lactation counselor, and community organizer. As a poor, black, and queer woman, they were radicalized by Loretta Ross at Decolonize Birth conference in 2017 with the charge to build our own systems and networks outside of the ones built to harm and oppress us. A true Sagittarius sun, they are steadily expanding getting free as fuck: shaking ass, making medicine, growing food, preserving food, and fiber arts. While also a Capricorn moon prepping and survival planning for a homestead. And always always keeping the work community focused, values driven, radically honest, free, and full of pleasure.


picture of pink question marks in front of a yellow background

KáLyn | Fundraising & Sustainability Coordinator | Pronouns: she/her

KáLyn is the Beyoncé of her life or at least she’s aspiring to be. She is a professor, scholar, writer, spiritual and ethereal homegirl, self-care coach, hustler, and an all-around person who loves to make some shit shake. Coming from a difficult upbringing she works hard through therapy to thrive with a mental illness (Bipolar 2 and PTSD). She loves doing mother/daughter wound work with POC, hanging with her husband watching ridiculous 90s movies, being the silly goose in her friendship circle, and a good nap. Although new to this line of advocacy work, she believes that reproductive justice is a priority and hopes to help as many of those as possible through her fundraising efforts and ideas. She is very personable but believes that boundaries are needed to stay sane.

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