RRFP Values

To our dear community,

We have found ourselves in a time where deep hostility to the most marginalized in our community is rising to the surface. And there is fear. And hurt. And pain.

We see our community rising to the occasion to support our grassroots work that's been happening for over 14 years now. We thank you for that and want to offer a reminder of the community we're wanting to create together.

In our most recent zine, we listed our organizational values. May we be grounded in these values as we work toward the future we deserve.

Reproductive Justice: a concept created by black women and supported by women of color that holds as a fundamental human right for all folks to self-define their families, support them in healthy and loving ways, free from violence of all kinds. We honor the legacy of reproductive justice by centering people of color in our work.

Collective Liberation: our community supports itself and needs all its intersecting parts to be free. This is how to live into our dreams.

Accessibility: we must build the support our community needs, and our spaces need to be shaped to hold our trans and gender non-conforming, dis- and differently abled, multi-language, neurodivergent, ill, queer, fabulous, and complicated bodies as gently as possible. Living into accessibility requires leveraging privilege, equitable resource (re)distribution, and reparations. We all deserve to be present.

Flexibility + Growth: there is always room to be better to each other, and there is no one solution that will address all needs. Growth, which requires discomfort, and flexibility, which involves deep listening, are integral to address the needs of oppressed communities.

Cute Do-It-Yourself Creativity: our imagination shapes our efforts toward liberation. Our bodies crave (visual, tactile, sensual & joyful) pleasure. We owe it to ourselves to flex these skills!

Self-Determination: all folks, especially those most affected by reproductive oppression, deserve to have autonomy over their lives, room to name their experiences as truth, and power to shape their communities.

Redistribution and Economic Justice: redistributing resources is at the core of our work as an abortion fund. We build organizational infrastructure that allows for increased resource sharing. We believe that all of us, and especially marginalized peoples, deserve an economy grounded in collective ownership, one that promotes abundance rather than scarcity.

As you engage with RRFP as a community member, please hold these values in your heart as we do in ours. Supporting RRFP means supporting these values.

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